June 18, 2016

Healing for animals


Photo source: pranichealingforhorses.com

Pranic Healing is not limited to us humans only, but also our belowed pets and bigger animals can benefit from Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy.
Animals, just as humans and other living beings are having the similar energetic construction, with the energybody or aura and the chakras, spinning wheels of energy pulling in lifeforce to replenish the energybody and expelling the used up energy.
Your dog, horse or any other pet can be healed physically and psychologically to remove any stress energies or trauma. Animals have a rich emotional life, they might not be as mentally developed as us humans but their emotional life is just as complex as any. This makes them experience stress, grief, anger, fear etc.  basically the same range of emotions as us humans.
As a pet owner you can treat your stressed or fearful pet with pranic psychotherapy to improve their quality of life and remove your own stress due to any problems with your belowed pet.
Help to heal your pet from any physical problems with Pranic Healing. Animals tend to heal very fast, since there is no mental resistance to the healing. We all want our pets to feel good and to be happy, because that makes us happy to.