Kriyashakti the Art and Science of Manifestation and Materialisation

Kriyashakti the Art of Manifestation and Materialisation.

Short Term 1490 Kr
Medium Term 2750 Kr
Long Term 5450 Kr

Kriyashakti is the Art and Science of Manifestation and Materialisation developed by MCKS.

Many of us will first think about manifesting better finances but you can also manifest better relationships, better health and more… your imagination its the limit. We offer three different packages of Kriyashakti, short, medium and long term. It all depends on the wish and how much energy and time would be required to materialize it. To determine this You will talk with us on Skype if possible or via e-mail and we will give You our recommendations. Please contact us before your purchase, thank you.

Additional information

Short Term

For smaller projects, or projects to be manifested within two weeks.

Medium Term

For bigger projects, that need more time and energy to manifest.

Long Term

For very big projects that need up to two years to be created, will be supported for a long duration of time with this energy.


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