The Complementary Therapy that’s got the World Buzzing

“… My life is busy crazy busy. Manic. Controlled Chaos. Most of the time I would say that I simply don’t have the time to waste looking into so-called ‘alternative therapies’, and most who know me understand that. For example, in my mind, a Reike session is just half an hour out of my already jam packed day laying face down with some hippy looking woman chatting as she waves her hands over me. Naive maybe – but that is just what my mind sees. That hour could be spent drinking coffee and finishing off that book review, or editing a guest writer’s article. That hour would be better spent playing with my children if indeed it was ‘free time’. Unless you can prove it is ‘worth’ it, I simply won’t risk it.

But this isn’t Reike, it is entirely different and I was assured it would most certainly be worth my time… ”

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An Introduction to Pranic Healing

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